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Build your own no-code automated CEX and On-Chain trading strategy directly in Telegram.

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Robotrade telegram bot

Build, backtest, and run your own trading strategy from pre-coded components in a few clicks.

Our bot supports a large collection of Centralized Exchanges, dYdX and multiple ongoing DEX integrations so you can trade your favorite assets.


Why Choose Robotrade?

Customizable strategies, quick setup, all-in-one bot.
High-speed Performance
High-speed Performance

Our advanced architecture ensures lightning-fast speed and execution of your trading signals through your CEX or DEX of choice.

24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you with any issues or inquiries. We are available in Telegram, Discord or by email!

Airtight Security
Airtight Security

We use cutting-edge security measures to protect your assets and ensure your peace of mind. All data is passed through encryption to make sure your API keys are only seen by you.

Don't know how to automate your trading?
We can help!

Robotrade is an advanced telegram bot that enables you to build automated strategies and backtest them without needing to know how to code. Our bot handles most major CEXs with ongoing integration for most major DEXs for a comprehensive experience. Join us now to experience the future of automated trading.

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How Robotrade Works


Build a Strategy

Our bot enables you to configure an easy to deploy automated trading strategy from pre-coded components. Trade your favorite coins from your CEX or DEX of choice.

Build a Strategy


Sit back and relax!

Your strategy will run around the clock on our cloud based servers to ensure you don't miss a trade.